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Windows Games on Linux with PlayOnLinux

PlayOnLinux supports over 500 software and applications, it also enable you to download, install and run other Windows .exe softwares from the Internet.

Windows Games on LinuxThis is a step by step, picture by picture instructions how to download and install The world’s most popular 3D ice fishing game Ice-Pro 2 “Propilkki 2” .exe Window game with Linux Mint operating system using the PlayOnLinux application.


These instructions can you also apply to other Windows .exe games from the Internet.

First you need to install PlayOnLinux application from the package manager.
Right click on the playonlinux package, Mark for installation. Mark also all extra required packages, to installation click Apply. During the installation accept also all the font licenses that requires.
You also have to download and save the Propilkki 2 program to your computer, the file name is P2Installer_v0.9.exe
Start the application, Menu- Games- PlayOnLinux.
First use of PlayOnLinux , Welcome to PlayOnLinux’s First Use Wizard. Please make sure you are connected to the Internet. Click forward, starts downloading updates…
Let’s start to installation the Propilkki 2 game, press the Install button.
Next, click on the bottom of the text, Install a .pol package or an unsupported application.
Will open the installation wizard, select the manual installation and click Next.
Welcome to PlayOnLinux’s manual installation wizard. This script will allow you to install any program on PlayOnLinux and use it with all the tools (Wine Config, Advanced Wine Configuration, Capture, etc.) as if it had been installed with an official script. Warning: We are unable to guarantee that your application will work perfectly. Click Forward.
Manual installation wizard. Select Install a program in a new prefix. Click Forward.
Manual installation wizard. Please type a name for your application’s Wine prefix. This name shouldn’t contain spaces. Click Forward.
Manual installation wizard. here select both options, Assign a Wine version to a program and Configure Wine. Click Forward.
Manual installation wizard. Select System to use with Wine. Click Forward.
It will start the Wine configuration window, there click on the OK button.
The wizard will continue, now we collect the downloaded game file. Click Browse.
Open the folder where you downloaded the Propilkki 2 game P2Installer_v0.9.exe file, select it and press the open button.
Now is the game P2Installer_v0.9.exe file selected, press the Forward button.
Choose your language and press the OK button.
If you accept all the license terms click  i Agree.
Select here, Create Start Menu Shortcut, and Create desktop shortcut, press Next to continue.
The installation directory shall not be replaced, press the Install button.
The installation download is complete, press next to continue.
The world’s most popular 3D ice fishing game Ice-Pro 2 “Propilkki 2” installation is complete. Click Close.
Now you can close this PlayOnLinux wizard window by pressing Cancel.
Start the game from the desktop shortcut or from the Menu.
Enjoy the world’s most popular 3D ice fishing game Ice-Pro 2 “Propilkki 2”
Windows Games on Linux PlayOnLinux does it all for you, so you can get to using your games. It’ll even install the best version of Wine for each application, meaning that you always get the best possible experience.


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