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VirtualBox Download and use!

VirtualBox can be used to try to test other operating systems directly from your computer, VirtualBox is a computer inside your computer.

This is the easiest way how to test new operating systems.

This is the easiest way how to test new operating systems.

Latest VirtualBox download and install it from here

Other stable VirtualBox Download and installation options in Linux Mint are, Software Manager or Package Manager

Download the complete ISO image of the operating system what you want to test.

Start VirtualBox and create a new virtual machine

This wizard will guide you trough the steps that are necessary to create a new virtual machine for VirtualBox. Next >

Enter the name of the operating system, select your operating system and version.The operating system is Microsoft Windows, Linux, Solaris, BSD, IBM OS / 2, and Other.

Select the amount of base memory

Select a virtual hard disk to be used as the boot hard disk of the virtual machine.

Next >

Select the type of virtual hard disk you want to create.

Location and Size



Ready to install and test a new operating system, Start

First Run Wizard

Select the downloaded ISO image file which has the setup program of the operating system you want to install, from your download folder

Select Installation Media, and Next >

Summary and Finish

Start to install a new Operating System

VirtualBox Mouse

You have clicked the mouse inside the Virtual Machine display or pressed the host key. This will cause the Virtual Machine to capture the host mouse pointer (only if the mouse pointer integration is not now supported by the guest OS) and the keyboard, which will make them unavailable to other applications running on your host machine.

You can press the host key at any time to recapture the keyboard and mouse (if it is captured) and return them to normal operation. The now assigned host key is shown on the status bar at the bottom of the Virtual Machine window, next to the icon. This icon, together with the mouse icon placed nearby, show the current keyboard and mouse capture state. The VirtualBox host key is now defined as Right Ctrl.

Tip! Close the VirtualBox window from upper right corner, select “Save the Virtual Machine state” Next time it will start faster.

VirtualBox is ready to use!


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