Thunderbird Download


Thunderbird Download

Many people use multiple email addresses, and they log in to various places.Thunderbird Email is able to get them all in to one place.

Thunderbird Email is installed by the default in Linux Mint

This is a Quick guide and help how to set up multiple email addresses in Thunderbird

Thunderbird Download the latest version from here

There is, Thunderbird Windows, Thunderbird Linux and Thunderbird Mac OS X versions

Start Thunderbird

Create a new Thunderbird account

Mail Account Setup, your name, email address, and password

Mail Account Setup Wizard, Prior to this new feature you had to know your IMAP, SMTP, SSL/TLS settings. Now all you need to give is your name, email address, password and the new email account. Thunderbird sync and set up wizard will check our database and find the email settings for you.


Thunderbird import all your emails. Do this for all your e-mails

Now you can use your Thunderbird Gmail and Thunderbird Hotmail accounts from one place


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