Shortcut To Desktop


Shortcut To Desktop

Web, Program or File Shortcut To Desktop

Sometimes you have a Web Pages, Program or a File which you would like to opened from your Desktop immediately!
I’ll show you how to do a Shortcut To Desktop!

Here’s how you put Shortcut Launcher To your Desktop In Linux Mint 12 Lisa.

 Create Shortcut To Web Page!

Opening the web site directly from your desktop!

With Firefox and Opera Browser! Resize the Browser so you can see both your desktop and the Browser window on the same screen.

In the address bar before http:// … is a small icon, with the mouse drag it to your desktop. holding the mouse button down, move the pointer to the desktop, then release the mouse button.

Shortcut To your Desktop With Firefox and Opera


Opening the program directly from your desktop with Linux Mint!
Open menu, and then select which program you want as a Shortcut To Desktop

Right-click on the program, which you want to a Shortcut To your Desktop

Create Application Shortcuts

File or a folder to your desktop for an Easy Quick Launch Shortcuts in Linux Mint

Right-click the folder what you want a quick link to your desktop

A new folder icon appears as “Link To …”, drag the icon to the desktop.

This is how you make Shortcut To Desktop


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