This guide explains and help you how to install the latest version of PlayonLinux in Linux Mint

Download PlayOn Linux select your Linux version.

Linux Mint use Debian

Open with GDebi Package installer

Install Package

 To install or remove software you need to authenticate, type your password and press Authenticate

Installing latest version of PlayOn Linux

Installation complete

Start PlayOn Linux

PlayOn Linux First use Wizard


Installing Microsoft fonts

Agree Licence

Downloading Microsoft fonts

Microsoft fonts have been installed successfully

Install Software in PlayOn Linux

This example installs Apple Safari browser, Apply


Wine prefix configuration. Please wait while the Wine prefix is being created.

Downloading Safari

Welcome to the Safari Installer


Accept the licence

Install Safari

Installing Safari


Apple Safari

Create Apple Safari short-cuts to your Desktop or Menu

Open software in PlayOn Linux, click run or double-click the software

You can install your game or software in a few steps for any of the applications in our repository. The installations are meant to be very simple with as few difficult choices and interactions for the user as possible, often the installation downloads all the files needed without having to trouble the user at all. The easier the better!

PlayOnLinux is a piece of software that allows you to easily install and use a variety of games and applications which are designed to work with Microsoft ® Windows ® system.

Few games are compatible with GNU / Linux at the moment, and it is certainly just the reason that prevents the migration to Linux. PlayOn Linux brings free solution to this problem easily.

PlayOn Linux Most downloaded programs are Microsoft Office 2007, Internet Explorer 7, DirectX, Steam, iTunes7, Word of Warcraft, etc.

Enjoy PlayOn Linux


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