Linux Mint Debian Edition

Linux Mint Debian Edition Rolling Release, Linux Mint 10 Xfce installation guide, and at the same time showing you GParted Tutorial, How To Partition a Hard Drive, Home Partition, Swap Partition, Linux Swap Size and Boot Partition Size. Partitioning Hard Disk

MSN For Linux

MSN For Linux are aMSN! aMSN is a free Windows Live Messenger clone. aMSN look and feel like Windows Live Messenger, and supports many of MSN features. aMSN let Linux users communicate with associates on MSN. aMSN features such as: Offline Messaging, Voice Clips, Display pictures,…

Linux Synaptics

Linux Synaptics Packages Manager is the place where you can download all required for your Linux computer! Debian Package Manager upgrade or remove Software. The Synaptic Packager Manager enables the user to install, to upgrade or to remove software packages or Linux Kernel Upgrade. Synaptic Ubuntu and Ubuntu Package Manager


Youtify If you use Youtube or the Spotify website to listen to music! Now both of these services are now combined in one Youtify called Website Music Player

Picasa Linux

Picasa Linux Mint version, Easy Installation Guide help how to Share your photos, Picasa album share all pictures, Picasa web albums Picasa Ubuntu, Picasa Download For Windows