Skype For Linux

Skype For Linux Installation Guide, how to install the Latest Skype in Debian based Linux operating systems like Linux Mint, Ubuntu etc Skype Linux Ubuntu, Linux Mint users are recommended to install Latest Skype on Linux, using these instructions! Latest Skype Download


This guide explains and help you how to install the latest version of PlayonLinux in Linux Mint, Download PlayOnLinux = Windows games on Linux with Win Install. PlayOnLinux is a piece of software that allows you to easily install and use a variety of games and applications which are designed to work with Microsoft ® Windows ® system.

MD5 Check

If the MD5 Check not matches numbers on the internet pages where downloaded ISO, then download was not complete. MD5 Checker MD5, MD5 sum, MD5 checksum, MD5 Summer, MD5 Decrypt Tool

First Help

!This is a first help when you are experiencing any problems with your computer, for example, your Linux computer does not shut down or some programs will not start.


Bleachbit Cleans up the cache, cookies, Internet History, delete logs, and dispose garbage that you did not known was there. Bleachbit Cleaning works with both Linux and Windows operating systems. Clear Browser Cache, Diskcleaner clean up more than 90 applications…