Linux Synaptics


Linux Synaptics

Linux Synaptics Packages Manager is the place where you can download all required for your Linux computer! Synaptics upgrade or remove Software.

The package manager enables the user to install, to upgrade or to remove software packages.

Open Synaptics in Linux Mint Menu > Package Manager

Basic view of Synaptics Package Manager. Over 32 000 packages listed available, Search for Packages either from sections or status.

We upgrade the Linux Kernel, in Status select, Installed (upgradable), mark all (Ctrl+A) right-click and choose Mark for Upgrade.

Mark extra required changes? Mark

The changes are not applied instantly, you must first mark all changes and then apply them. You get also available online documentation related to a package.

Apply the following changes? Apply

Downloading Package Files


Installing Software/Packages, Linux kernel upgraded, The next time you start your computer the Linux Kernel upgrade is enabled.

Install software/packages Follow the same procedure, search for the program you want and mark it for installation and apply. Debian Synaptic Packager Manager, automatically installs required packages (called dependencies)


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