Linux Software Source


Linux Software Source

The Linux Software Source is the storage location of repositories to download and install programs to your computer, which is the operating systems software packages installation source.

After the installation of Linux Mint operating system the main software source is only available where you can find the most common basic software.

The program is due to limitation of the repository as well as the reliability use of the system to ensure the stability. In Linux Mint there are a number of repositories, which allows the introduction of programs for you to install for a wider range.

NOTE! The software source repository increasing is at your own risk!

I’ll show here a couple of different options on how to add more sources to your Linux OS.

First, I will show the quickest way to add sources, then I show you how they will be added graphically.


We will add to Linux Mint 12 Lisa Cinnamon Desktopt a new Unofficial repository for Cinnamon themes, applets and extensions.

The Cinnamon Extras repository, is so you no longer have to download, extract and move folders around every time there is a new version for your Cinnamon theme/applet/extension, Cinnamon Extras takes care of that for you.
 Open the Terminal and copy there the next command. Always remember to press Enter after each command.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bimsebasse/cinnamonextras

Press the Enter key and enter the password, hit Enter again.

This command added the authentication key, as well as the software repository.

The following command.

sudo apt-get update

After the update close the terminal, and open the Synaptic Package manager.
 Choose “Origin” in the left panel (sorts packages by source) and click on “LP-PPA-bimsebasse-cinnamon-extras/oneiric” to view all available packages in Cinnamon Extras.
NOTE! If you install anything that you have already previously installed manually, please delete the folders from your old manual installation first.

The Cinnamon Extras repository is tiny now but will grow steadily to include all the popular and useful applets, themes and extensions.
 In Cinnamon settings you can customize your own desktop, NOTE, some changes need Cinnamon to restart, you do it easy with key combination, ALT + F2, and the letter R in the dialog box, and press Enter.

Add a new repository to Software Source graphically.

There are several alternatives how to add repositories to the software source application. the Menu – Preferences – Software source, Synaptic Package manager – Settings – Repositories, Software Manager – Edit – Software source, Or from the Update Manager – Edit – Software source.

We add this Cinnamon Extras repository to Software Source graphically.
 Software source application, tab Other Software. Click add… and there you paste…
 On the page, deb and deb-src lines source, copy the source one by one, be sure to check that it is the correct version what you use, Linux Mint 12 Lisa used the Ubuntu version Oneiric.
Once you’ve added the sources, click on the source page on the Signing Key: numbers.
 Right Click on the number series, Save Link As. Save it to your desktop.
 In the Authentication tab, add the Cinnamon Extras authentication key, click Import Key File… get the saved. html file, then close the software sources application.

In The Synaptic Package manager click on the reload button and the system will retrieve and update the data from the new repository.

This way you can add new Linux Software Source

Remember that the Linux Software Source repository increasing is at your own risk!


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