Linux Mint Cinnamon Desktop


Linux Mint Cinnamon Desktop

In the last years have Linux Mint operating system increases the popularity to number one in DistroWatch’s visitor statistics. Linux Mint operating system is the OS what made me finally give up the Microsoft Windows world.

I have used and tested many years a variety of Linux operating systems, first installed parallel by (Dual Boot) and Mint4Win program for Windows XP version.

I am not a Linux geek to use the terminal to new software installations or settings changes. Almost all the necessary I have treated with the icons, or graphical user interface. I want to bring out these things for all new Linux users who Wishing to try to learn new things and see what you can do with your own computer.

Linux Mint Cinnamon Desktop will be this year’s most eye-catching Linux operating system when it is finally ready.

At the moment it is available in developing version of the following editions of the GNOME desktop, like Linux Mint 12 (Lisa), Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot), Fedora 16 (Verne), openSUSE 12.1 and Arch Linux. Linux Mint Cinnamon is constantly evolving, and you can follow its progress here.

Add this Cinnamon Extras repository to the Software Source.


I’ll show you how to get and try Linux Mint Cinnamon version.

Open the Package Manager and search for cinnamon. Select both Cinnamon and cinnamon-session packages for installation, right-click and Mark for Installation, then click Apply.

Alternatively, open the Terminal and paste there the following command

sudo apt-get install cinnamon-extensions-auto-move-windows cinnamon-extensions-dock cinnamon-extensions-drive-menu cinnamon-extensions-places-menu cinnamon-extensions-trash cinnamon-extensions-windows-navigator cinnamon-extension-weather cinnamon-extensions-extended-places-menu cinnamon-extensions-system-monitor cinnamon-extensions-gpaste

Press Enter, then enter your password and press Enter again.

After the installation log out of from the right upper corner. Click on your name and logout.

Log in by clicking the wheel in the login window and select the Cinnamon enter your password and press Enter.

Now is your Linux Mint Cinnamon Desktop in use.

This desktop is easy to customize according to your preferences.

In the Navigator window, you’ll see miniature windows of open applications and files, and you can at the same time launch new programs.

Add shortcuts and launcher to your bottom bar and to Linux Mint Cinnamon Desktop, right-click on the application, select Add to panel or Add to desktop.

Software Manger has over 35.000 packages free to use, Weather reports program (after some adjustment)

Menu- System Tools- Cinnamon: Weather Configurator. The easiest way to find Weather Location Codes/IDs for Linux Mint Cinnamon Desktop are from this link

Date and Time settings.
Add a system status menu for quickly navigation your favorite folders.
Status Menu for accessing and unmounting removable devices.
System status menu for rotating monitors like Pivot screen.
Status for Sound settings.
Trash applet for bottom panel its hidden when trash is empty.
Wlan WiFi internet connections Wired or Wireless and Network settings.

Continues …


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