Linux Mint 17 Update Manager


Linux Mint 17 Update Manager

Linux Mint 17 Update Manager The new Linux Mint 17 Qiana’s update manager application has received a very high improvement.

It appear now, more data, it looks better, it feels faster, and is less visible. It will no longer need root privileges as soon you click on it. It is no longer check your Internet connection, or wait for the network and no longer lock the APT cache when the session start-up.

This allows you to keep your system up to date, you can set the level of security, browse, update history, to add more sources or update the kernel to a new version.

Linux Mint 17 Update Manager

The bottom or the top bar the shield appear the update situation. When the shield has a blue exclamation point you have updates available. Click on it.

Linux Mint 17 Update Manager 2

Linux Mint 17 Update Manager application, you can instantly see what updates are available, and the level of security in packages that needs to updated.

Linux Mint 17 Update Manager 3

Update Manager settings, you can set security levels, 1 Certified packages. Tested through Romeo or directly maintained by Linux Mint. 2 Recommended packages. Tested and approved by Linux Mint. 3 Safe packages. Not tested but believed to be safe. 4 Unsafe packages. Could potentially affect the stability of the system. 5 Dangerous packages. Known to affect the stability of the systems depending on certain specs or hardware.

Linux Mint 17 Update Manager-History of updates - Update ManagerThe history of updates used to only cover the updates performed by the old Update Manager. This is no longer the case. They now feature all updates performed on the system, whether it’s with the Update Manager, apt-get, aptitude or even directly with gdebi or dpkg.

Linux Mint 17 Update Manager-Linux kernels - Update ManagerA new section of the Update Manager presents all the available kernels. The development team will use this section to give you relevant information about new kernels, what they fix, what they break, so you can decide which kernel is right for you.

Linux Mint 17 Update Manager kernel updates

Linux Mint 17 Update Manager also lets you update your kernel, these are not worth the upgrade if you do not have any great need for for some new driver, or a property, unless the system recommends upgrading.

But! It is highly recommended that you upgrade to a newer version immediately if the old is a security risk.

Linux Mint 17 Update Manager-Software Sources

Official sources will archive is a place where the operating system fetches and installs the software. They serve as the operating system to install packages in the source program.


Linux Mint 17 Update Manager software sources

All other added sources will also appear, through this you can also add and edit them. NOTE! Adding source is is always at your own risk!

Linux Mint 17 Update Manager password

Whenever you make changes or update the system, then the system prompts for a password. This is a Linux systems best safety factor, nothing external can not access to your computer without your permission.

 Linux Mint 17 Update Manager Allows you to keep your system up-to-date, specify the security level, browse through the history of the upgrade, add more sources or update the kernel to the new version.


5 comments for “Linux Mint 17 Update Manager

  1. Narendra
    21/06/2014 at 8:38

    I accidently removed update manager from startup. I can add it again by using the command ‘mintupdate’, but this will show the update window when the computer starts. By default the update manager runs but won’t pop up in mint 17. How do i put it back as it was ?

  2. Bob
    13/04/2015 at 5:08

    How do i update Mint 17 to 17.1

  3. Julian Phillips
    18/10/2015 at 10:47

    Hello- i have wrecked Update Manager ! Now have red warning —message–
    “could not refresh list of updates E- malformed line 1 source list/etc/apt/sources.list(dist parce) Mint 17.1 Rebecca

    I have tried various things inTerminal but no luck. Hope you can advise —

    thanks JP.

    • Robert
      12/11/2015 at 1:57

      I’ve done the same…did you get any advice since your post?

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