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Linux How To Install

Easy Linux Quick Guide: Linux How To install Linux Mint, Linux Mint is an easy, logical, adaptable, inspiring, user-friendly operating system. Linux For Beginners


Linux Mint is now the 3th most widely used home operating system behind Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS, and Canonical’s Ubuntu is 4th
Linux Mint, is being faithful to its purpose, they are not trying to be revolutionaries, they just want to give us a modern and easy to use the Best Linux Dekstop.

NOTE: During installation, you can also follow these instructions online! when the desktop opened up, start Firefox and go to site where you can find the installation instructions, and at the same time you can follow these instructions when you installing the Linux Mint operating system.

First, you need to download the ISO image, and burn it with ISO RECORDER. Put the burned ISO into the CD / DVD-ROM drive, restart the computer. If your computer does not boot from the CD / DVD / USB drive, you have to make changes to your computer’s boot sequence in BIOS menu.

The computer starts to read the CD / DVD-ROM, this menu should appear, then select Item> Start Linux Mint, it will launch a full Mint desktop (this will not install anything yet on your computer).

Now we can verify that all devices connected to your computer are working correctly. With this you can check the peripheral devices such as USB devices to function properly. Click Install Linux Mint.

Select the language for the operating system.

Preparing to Install

Allocate drive space, erase and use the entire disk, Options you can also partition the hard drive.

Allocate drive space

Then, the time zone

Keyboards for the correct setting

Name in lowercase letters, Password, select Log in automatically


Installation complete, restart

Please remove installation media and close the tray (if any) then press ENTER

Ready for use!  this was Linux How To install Linux Mint

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