Image Converter


Image Converter

Many open a separate application to change the image size.

In the Gnome Desktop, Nautilus file manager offers to this task a nice and easy alternative.

Nautilus Image Converter Resize Images, Picture, Graphic Converter directly in your Nautilus file manager, Free Image File Converter.

Scaling process is simple:

Select a scalable image and then click the right mouse button. In this case, menu will appear with the options, Resize Images.. and Rotate Images…

Resize Images, select Images Size, Scale in percent or Custom size. Save images in Filename .resized (make a copy) or Resize in place (save on the original)

Images Resized from 799×618 pixels to 96×96 pixels.

Rotate Images, Select an angle: 90° clockwise,  90° counter-clockwise or 180 degrees,or Custom angle. Save images in Filename .rotated (make a copy) or Rotate in place (save on the original)

The easiest way how to install Nautilus Image Converter in Linux Mint, open the Terminal and copy there the following command

sudo apt-get install nautilus-image-converter

After installation, log out and log in again to activate Nautilus Image Converter.

Other installation options in Linux Mint are, Software Manager or Package Manager
Nautilus file manager is used in Gnome desktop like Debian, Ubuntu or Linux Mint operating systems.


Tip: NEVER hustle the original images, but work only with COPYs. For learning, Create on your desktop a TEST folder, and copy there some pictures 5 to 10 pcs. where you can test this Image Converter, without fear that you destroy valuable pictures.

A word of warning!

This kind of powerful Image Converter tool is hardly to found in the GUI framework, so you should be careful, not to lose valuable pictures.


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