GUI and Command line Interface Common use


GUI and Command line Interface Common use

I’ll show how you can use the GUI and Command line Interface Common use, IE how you get the benefits of these two interfaces.
Graphical user interface benefits, Ease to use with windows and icons by a mouse, ease to view many windows and tasks at once.
Command line Interface benefits, Speed to do a task and get something done much faster.


Used in this case, ImageMagick command line and GUI
Convert all images in a file folder, from png to jpg format with a single command.
Tip: NEVER hustle the original images, but work only with COPYs. For learning and testing, create a TEST folder, and copy there some pictures 5 to 10 pics. Where you can test this Image Converter, without fear that you destroy valuable pictures.
GUI and Command line Interface Common useRight click the folder where the images are and select Open in Terminal.
Terminal opens the subdirectory to the right folder, (~/Dropbox/Linux Mint/Linux Mint 12/Cinnamon/Linux Commands Together with Nautilus GUI File Manager/screenshots $) copy there the next command and press Enter.

mogrify -format jpg *.png

The png images files are left untouched and jpg files are created.
All images is converted, and it took less than one second.
Next we resize all jpg files 50% size with the next command.

mogrify -resize 50% *.jpg

Remember that all jpg files are resized.

GUI and Command line Interface Common useAll images are resized, and it took less than one second and save lot of space, 1 image size from 567.4 KB png to 42.4 KB jpg

If this ImageMagick program is not by default in your Linux operating system, you can install it with the Terminal using the following command

sudo apt-get install imagemagick

I’ve also done one other instruction where is also Graphical user interface and Command line Interface Common use Google Chrome Installation Error

You can use these two interfaces in many tasks when you use Linux operating systems.

Command line Interface  is a text prompt which you can enter different commands.

Graphical user interface is Windowed Applications.


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