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Dropbox Download install and use

Dropbox allows you to back up and share files between all your computers, and other important files are always in your hands.

DropBox It is the easiest way to make sure your files are up to date and accessible anywhere.

You can download the Dropbox directly from the home page or from Linux Mint Package manager.
After downloading, open Menu, Network or Internet there is Dropbox launcher, click it.
It start Dropbox Installation, In order to use Dropbox, you must download the proprietary daemon, click OK.
This takes a short moment while the application downloading Dropbox.
Dropbox setup, select if you don’t have a Dropbox account, and create it, or select I have a Dropbox account, click Next
Login to Dropbox, your Email and password, click Next.
Here can you select if you want to upgrade Dropbox, click Next.
Choose setup type, Typical (recommended) set up Dropbox with normal settings. Advanced Choose your Dropbox’s location, which folder will be synced, and if extended attributes should be synced, click Install.
The installation wizard: Your Dropbox is a special folder on your computer. Simply drop in files and they will instantly be available on any of your other computers and the web. Next.
Access your files from anywhere using dropbox.com. If you need to use your files from someone else’s computer, simply login to www.dropbox.com. You can view, and upload your files securely from any web browser. Next
The Dropbox notification area icon, Click the icon to quickly open your Dropbox folder, access the Dropbox website, find help and information, and change your Dropbox preferences. Next.
Share folder with people you know, You can share any folder in your Dropbox with friends or colleagues, even if they use a different operating system from you. Next
The installation wizard is ready, Dropbox has finished installing and you’re all set up and ready to use Dropbox. Finish.

Once your files are synced, you can use them directly from each of your computer or over the web using the Dropbox website. No matter which computer you use, the files will appear the same, or synced, wherever you go.

This is also handy when sending large files such as photographs or videos (which does not fit in an email) to your friends. Dropbox runs on Linux, Mac, Windows and mobile device.

Tip, inside Dropbox folder: if you want to share with a friend a specific folder, rename it in both names.

Dropbox runs on Linux, Mac, Windows and mobile device.


Files stored in the Dropbox server is encrypted.
Dropbox download and registration  www.dropbox.com

After installation, you have 2GB of online storage for free, with up to 100GB available to paying customers


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